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In finding organic children’s products to bring to our customers we took many things into consideration. It was important to us that we chose companies that were ethical. We wanted to be sure our products at ChildOrganics were all fair trade and environmentally friendly. Many of the companies that we bring to you have gone above and beyond to make sure that they pay their workers a living wage and provide them with a safe and clean working environment. This is important to us. You will also notice that many of our products are made by Work at Home Moms (WAHMs). This is also very important to us here at ChildOrganics. This business was started as a means for me to stay home with my family, and we like to support other mothers doing the same thing. We hope you’ll enjoy our fair trade and environmentally friendly products.

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Buying Organic makes a difference.
Did you know:
• 20-25% of herbicides worldwide are used to grow cotton
• 10% of pesticides worldwide are used on cotton
• These chemicals end up in the air, water and ground
• Pesticides present a higher reason for concern with our children because of their high metabolism and low body weight


"A new baby is like the beginning of all things- wonder, hope, a dream of possibilities"- Eda J. Leshan
We started our journey about 4 years ago learning about cloth diapering with our first daughter. Well we think we have been able to bring you the best selection of Organic cotton diapers. We carry Swaddlebees (and others) with their luxurious organic cotton diapers in fun colors. These are diapers that we have used with our family and we believe in them. In addition to organic cotton we have chosen to carry organic wool products. Wool is also an environmentally friendly and durable product that you will be pleased with. Wool is amazing in its ability to hold moisture, it’s strong and beautiful. We have chosen companies that process their wool without the use of harmful chemicals. It is important that we focus on these materials and that they be free of harmful chemicals. Our children are our most important asset and they are much more vulnerable to harmful chemicals than we are. Their small bodies with its high metabolism and their small body weight make them much more susceptible. It’s important to us to keep our daughters and sons protected from these harmful chemicals. We know you think it’s important too, and that’s why you’re here. We appreciate you taking the time to stop and visit our place on the web.


Welcome to ChildOrganics. We are a small family business that focuses on Children’s Organic Products. We strongly believe in nurturing your family naturally and have worked hard to bring you the products to help you do just that.
While cloth diapers are not all we sell, that is where we started. Our interest in natural parenting later brought us to baby wearing and the many joys that brings. We were able to find beautiful slings and wraps for all of your baby wearing needs. We now even found some awesome baby wearing coats and jackets. So the dilemma of wearing your baby through rain and snow no longer needs to be a problem with these new options.


"Our Children make us a whole lot better than we even wanted to be"

Jeannine Tarvati-Baker

Children’s organic products also take in organic cotton clothing. We have recently expanded our organic clothing selection. Initially organic cotton clothing for children was drab and boring, not any more! We have such fun and colorful designs that going organic doesn’t need to mean you dress monotone. We found companies that chose non-toxic, environmentally friendly dyes with fantastic results. Whether you are looking for underwear or outerwear, we’ve got you covered. We’ve also expanded our sizes to include older ones too.
Our top seller on our site is the sheepskins for babies. They are so versatile and comfortable for baby. Many parents have found them to be so conducive to a good nights rest their home. We also offer the best in bedding whether you use a crib and are looking for organic cotton mattresses or looking for a way to make the family bed work. We have it all, as well as the sheets and blankets you’ll need to give your baby sweet dreams.
We are here to answer your questions. Whether it’s about a product on our site or a question in regards to ordering, we are happy to help. When it comes to organic children’s products we want to be your one stop shop.
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