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Sheepskin for Baby
For more information and a comparison between the two types of eco-friendly sheepskins, read our Blog article here.
Eco-lambskin for Baby

This sheepskin is of the finest quality. Made in Germany by a company that follows strict environmental regulations, chemicals are kept to a minimum in tanning and processing the sheepskin. This lambskin has a natural scent, not a chemical smell. These lanolin rich sanitized lamskins are basically self-cleaning and can be refreshed by being hung out in the fresh air. Since it is medically sanitized it can be machine washed for any baby spills. The sheepskin measures approximately 3 feet long. Available in shorn or unshorn.

There are several advantages to using sheepskins with your baby. Wool is the perfect material to comfort your baby. It is great in warm or cool weather. It cuddles the baby keeping the baby cozy. Our sheepskins are easy to care for and easy to wash. The sheepskins can be used in the stroller, the crib, on the floor in the playpen or in the family bed.

It is recommended that small babies be placed on a shorn skin to eliminate the risk of smothering.

Here is an environmentally friendly Lambskin option for your baby. Extracts from the Mimosa tree are used to process this lambskin. The natural tanic substance of Mimosa requires more time to tan than chemicals, but this results in an all natural leather. This lanolin rich Lambskin comes in a cotton sack instead of plastic. lambskin is a self cleaning agent, so it is easy to take care of. Normally spraying it with some water and brushing it will be enough to keep it clean. You can also spot wash or hand wash, do not wash in your machine. The lambskin measures approximately 3 feet long. Because this is a natural product there may be some length and width variations.

Sheepskin for baby
Qty: Price: $74.99

Eco-Lambskin for baby
Qty: Price: $89.99

Choosing to buy organic baby bedding is a wise decision in the health and well being of your baby. By deciding to use organic baby bedding, including organic and wool blankets, you limit the exposure of harmful chemicals to your baby. When making choices for your baby it is important to consider the dangers of chemicals to their higher metabolism and low body weight. ChildOrganics chooses to sell the finest in organic and natural baby bedding. We think you’ll be pleased with our selection.
Organic farmers do not use the traditional methods of pesticides and herbicides to grow their cotton. In producing one pound of conventional grown cotton it often takes one third of a pound of chemicals, this simply doesn’t happen with organic grown cotton. By purchasing organic cotton baby products you are removing these chemicals from the immediate environment of your baby. Your purchase power in choosing organic baby bedding means the environment does not have to suffer, thus protecting our waterways, air, and ultimately our children. Our organic cotton baby bedding products are soft, durable and fashionable.
Humanity Family Bed


A patented bed-top sleeper makes bed sharing a breeze! Prevents roll-offs. Large pad for mama and baby. Soft organic cotton to absorb leaks. Detachable body pillow for pregnant moms. Easy to use. No belts, straps or buckles. Pad stays in place. Doctor recommended and endorsed.

In choosing organic baby bedding a humanity family bed is the perfect choice for the co-sleeping family. Many families choose to breastfeed and co-sleep and find it safe and enjoyable for all involved. By parents deciding to sleep next to their baby, they are often getting more sleep for themselves. This means a happier family the whole way around. The humanity family bed takes the worry out of co-sleeping by providing 4 feet of extra roll off space. This replaces the need for pillows, or pushing your bed against the wall. These practices are not as safe. The detachable round pillow makes it a perfect pillow for a mother that is expecting, giving her the added support she needs. The humanity family bed is made from 4 layers of 8 oz. organic cotton flannel. It’s perfectly designed to absorb night leaking from mom’s breasts, or leaking from your baby’s diaper. This serves a dual purpose, by letting you sleep more comfortably and allowing your sheets and mattress to be protected.
As with any co-sleeping arrangement please make sure any blankets, sheets and pillows are tucked away from the baby and don’t cover the baby’s face.

To learn more about co-sleeping with the Humanity Family Sleeper visit HERE.


Humanity Family Co-Sleeping Bed
Qty: Price: $199


  • measures 36 inches wide, by 58 inches long
  • Filled with eco-friendlymaterials (grade A kapok tree fiber)
  • Machine washable

Additional Benefits to using the Humanity Family bed:

  • Supports extended breastfeeding, makes night time feedings EASY!
  • Can move with your little one to their own bed to prevent roll-offs
  • Easy for travel, bringing along a familiar environment
  • Supports working mothers in their effort to reconnect with their baby’s at night
Organic Crib Mattress
The rubber, the wool, the cotton are all certified organic. There are no fibers or fills in this that are not certified organic. The first ever in the world with complete certification.
4.5" of our certified organic rubber with organic wool quilted between 2 layers of organic cotton.
Organic Crib Mattress
Qty: Price: $475

*Note: Due to the size of this item Extra Shipping charges do apply and are already built in to the price of the item