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Soap Nuts

Liquid Extreme18x or Soap Nuts

The ONLY TRUE 100% NATURAL DETERGENT and GREEN CLEANER! We are so proud to offer our customers two Soap Nuts choices. The original Soap Nuts or the Extreme 18X liquid. Both are easy to use, highly effective, environmentally friendly and contian NO toxic ingredients!

Absolutely ideal for High Efficiency, (HE) - and all front loading washing machines!
Soap Nuts will reduce or eliminate residue, mildew and odors! Personally I don't like my laundry smelling like artificial flowers, it makes my nose itch. This is a safe and healthy alternative to harsh chemical detergents.

Only de-seeded Sapindus Mukorossi Soap Nuts - the world's absolute finest quality.
NaturOli Soap Nuts are hand sorted, inspected & packaged in the USA.
Extreme 18X is an eco-friendly extract & proprietary formula produced & bottled entirely in the USA.

Keeping with our mission of bringing you effective, green, safe, chemical-free, non-toxic alternatives to the products that poison us daily, we present Soap Nuts. Soap Nut are extremely gentle, biodegradable, hypoallergenic, additive free, yet highly effective. They are low sudsing, eco-friendly, non-polluting and very affordable. They eliminate the need for fabric softeners and dryer sheets. Does this sound to good to be true? Believe it or not, it's true! This is a wonderful all purpose, non-toxic product. This is an excellent choice for cleaning your cloth diapers.

Soap Nuts are the most pure, green laundry soap and natural laundry detergent available.
It simply doesn't get "greener" than this!
They are a 100% natural alternative to harsh chemical detergents. Soap nuts are eco-friendly, biodegradable, hypoallergenic, unscented and highly effective. The botanical name is derived from the Latin sapo (soap) and (Indian) indicus, referring to the lather-producing fruit. They are actually a fruit harvested from a tree (interestingly, much like the olive). There are two primary species (mukorossi and trifoliatus). Both are of the family Sapindaceae and the genus Sapindus. Mukorossi is a large tree primarily grown in and around the Himalayan Mountains of Northern India and Nepal. Soap Nuts offer a plethora of other household cleaning solutions - all totally chemical-free! If you have allergies or are sensitive to harsh chemical detergents and cleaners. This is the perfect gentle choice for washing your family's laundry, including your infants clothing.

* Soap Nuts*

Soap Nuts
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• A better way to clean. - New. Simpler. Greenest.
• The lowest carbon footprint of any detergent - anywhere.
• 99+% botanical based.
• Fully sustainable.
• Biodegradable

Extreme 18X is simply the most concentrated, effective and earth friendly laundry detergent and cleaner you will ever find. Period.
Soap Nuts (also referred to as soap berries) is a fruit that contains saponin - a highly effective, all-natural surfactant. In simple terms, it's a greener cleaner. It is fully sustainable from a renewable resource. Extreme 18X is an extremely concentrated liquid detergent / soap produced from saponin. Its carbon footprint from manufacturing, plastics used, and shipping is a mere fraction of any detergent it is compared to. Absolutely nothing even comes close.

Enjoy the convenience and all the wonderful benefits of Soap Nuts with Extreme 18X. It is also excellent for many household cleaning needs, plus it is superb for many skin and hair care uses. Soap Nuts are of ancient origins. They have been used for a wide range of cleaning purposes for literally thousands of years.

Vegetable Glycerin and Olive Leaf Extract enhance Extreme 18X liquid laundry soap to be extra soothing for sensitive skin. No toxic ingredients, oils, dyes or scents are used - and no SLS.

Our Soap Nut Liquid Extract is derived from Sapindus Mukorossi Soap Nuts - the world's absolute finest quality. All NaturOli Soap Nuts are hand-sorted and inspected in the USA for quality. Extreme 18X is a NaturOli proprietary formula produced & bottled entirely in the USA.

How Do I use Soap Nuts for my Laundry?

Basic Laundry Directions: The simplest, most common and traditional method of washing laundry with soap nuts is by using the raw nuts in a drawstring bag, and simply tossing the bag in with your laundry.

Warm or Hot Water Wash:

    Put 4 or 5 soap nut shells or equivalent pieces, about a half-ounce, in cotton or muslin drawstring bag and tie bag securely.
    Toss in washing machine before you add your clothes.
    Remove from washer at end of the wash to dry (leave soap nuts in bag).
    Re-use 3 to 5 times. The soap nuts are no longer effective when they become thin, mushy and very light tan or gray.

Cold Water Wash:

    Simply make a cup of soap nut 'tea' by soaking 4 or 5 bagged soap nuts in a cup of very hot water for approximately 3 minutes.
    Pour both the soap nuts liquid and bag in wash.
    Remove from washer at end of the wash to dry (leave soap nuts in bag).
    Re-use 3 to 5 times. Soap nuts are no longer effective when they thin, turn soft, mushy and very light tan or gray.

Hand Wash:

Add about 2 tbs of soap nut liquid to wash water and stir, or make a tea with your soap nut muslin bag. Simply hand wash as usual.

Powdered: Put 2 - 3 tsp soap nuts powder in wash water. Wash as usual.

Liquid: Pour about a quarter cup of liquid soap nut solution into wash water. Shake up soap nut solution before pouring. Wash as usual.

    Soap nuts are wonderful for washing cloth diapers. Unlike chemical detergents, they will not clog the fabric causing the diaper to loose its absorbency and they will not cause diaper rash. In addition, soap nuts will clean and remove detergent residue from diapers.

Extreme 18X

soap nuts liquid

Soap Nuts Liquid
Qty: Price: $16.95 [Regular price $21.90]

Soap Nuts Liquid Laundry Detergent Concentrate.
Ultra-concentrated 18X potency.
Use as little as 1/2 teaspoon per load!

8 ounces will yield 96 high efficiency (HE) loads or 48 standard loads. Absolutely incredible!
Very light and easy to handle bottle.
A free toggle cap is provided for easier pouring of such small amounts.

– Absolutely Superb for Baby Clothes and Cloth Diapers! No oils added that will "wick" diaper fabric fibers and reduce absorbency.
– Perfect for those experiencing skin irritations suspected to be caused by commercial detergents!
– Extreme 18X is produced from truly natural cosmetic grade pure soap nuts (saponin) liquid extract to ensure maximum quality and effectiveness. It is derived from only premium Sapindus Mukorossi soap nuts.

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